Zarth Designs

What inspired you to start a career in fashion?

Fashion called my name, but more than anything, it was the love of beautifully made garments.

Who are the designers and thought-leaders in the industry that you look up to and admire?

I look up to most of our well established local fashion designers like Maxhosa, Fabrosans, Thula Sindi etc., and internationally look up to brands like Valentino, Armani, Steven Khali. What is your take on the Vodacom Durban July theme “Birds of a Feather”? My take was first a literal approach in feathers and birds and the interesting colours birds come in. Secondly, it was manipulating fabrics in creating that feathery effect and the use of colour in a creative way.

How can fashion play a constructive role during the pandemic?

This pandemic has unveiled the importance of the textile and clothing industry in terms of manufacturing of protective wear. Fashion then makes the wearing of protective wear more relatable to our daily wardrobes.

Pick Six : More about you

Favourite food and drink: Braai meat and Water
Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere in the bundus away from buzz of the city.
Favourite movie or series: Movie : A time to kill Series: Blacklist.
The best book you have ever read: The great betrayal.
What is your spirit animal, and why: Leopard, very rare to come across but interesting
Three people you would invite to dinner and why:

A Wealthy Person: Their take on God when they can have everything under the sun. A Monk : Their pursuit of God over worldly possessions. A Criminal : Their pursuit of material things over conscience.