Sandile Duke Mngadi


Duke Clothe your Sole


What inspired you to start a career in fashion?

Basically a love of looking different sparked the passion for designing clothes. I wanted this “particular” pair of jeans, I have never seen anywhere . . . after asking my mother for some time to make them for me, I just decided I would attempt it myself.

Who are the designers and thought-leaders in the industry that you look up to and admire?

Craig Native was my role model when I started designing. The likes of David Tlale, Ozwald Boateng, Vivian Westwood, Maison Martin Margiela, John Galliano, keep inspiring me.

What is your take on the Vodacom Durban July theme “Birds of a Feather”?

I believe fashion/art is a movement. Just like music/poetry, fashion can be a tool to tackle societal ills and challenges. My interpretation of this year’s theme – I want tackle the injustices faced by the members of the LGBTQ+ Community. They get judged, victimized and discriminated against for their “Same Love” sexual orientation. “Birds of the same LOVE”

How can fashion play a constructive role during the pandemic?

We (fashion designers) were amongst the first ones to come up with a solution that helps curb the spread of the virus – The Cotton/Cloth Mask. So we are already playing a constructive role. Statement fashionable wear can also help spread the message on a “lighter note” but very impacting way.

Pick Six: More about you

Favourite food and drink: Seafood pairs perfectly with white wine.

Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere coastal

Favourite movie or series: Anything Documentary or based on real life story

The best book you have ever read: DaVinci Code

What is your spirit animal, and why: Leopard – intelligent, calm, stealthy and fast

Three people you would invite to dinner and why: My Mother, just because I will forever be grateful to that woman. Michael Jackson, to find out about his private life Seems like the brother was dealing with a lot, Yoh!!! Lastly, the underprivileged, so they can have a feel to get a “seat at a table”.