Fashion design trailblazer Terrence Bray has enthusiastically backed the ‘Butterflies’ theme recently released for the 2020 Vodacom Durban July, saying that it reflects the latest trends sweeping through European fashion.

“Never has there been a theme in my opinion that is as inspiring and open and on trend if not even ahead of the curve,” said Bray.

“I have just returned from a lengthy trip working in Europe and had the chance to experience European cutting edge fashion up close and personal and this theme embodies the current mood in fashion more than any I can remember.

“The reason I am excited about this theme is that for the first time it can inspire both the literal and conceptual without fail. Knowing this event as I do it is inevitable that we get literal interpretations however this theme allows those to explore that with the sheer joy that butterflies in all their varied beauty bring to us all.

“For the serious fashion people this theme is an endless pit of inspiration, butterflies have long been a theme in fashion and continue to find new ways of being exploited for concept,” he added.

“The likes of Alexander McQueen to Mary Katrantzou to Moschino to name a few have all used the butterfly in a multitude of ways,” said Bray.

Bray said that the Butterfly itself was an excellent platform to use for fashion inspiration due to the way that a butterfly evolves during it’s life cycle.

“The very transformative nature of the creature is fashion personified -the endless colour and structural detail of this miraculous creature.

“Nature has never been more important in fashion than it currently is. With conservation and sustainability at the forefront it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight this plight,” said Bray.

“The wonderful gender freedom we are experiencing is revolutionary, and I can’t think of a more glamorous symbol of this than butterflies.

“The scientific importance of this delicate yet powerful creature is an entire chapter of inspiration in itself.

“Then there is the psychological point of view. What we describe as that feeling of butterflies in the tummy – based on the irrational flight of the butterfly and the physical effects of these feelings.

“You can look at the social aspect or turn to the butterfly ink blot tests by Roschach for inspiration,” he added.

“The simple journey of the butterflies life has never been a better metaphor for humanity and our ability to change, adapt and transform, an actual embodiment of freedom universally.”

“I cannot wait to see what designers and fashion fanatics alike come up with this year with a theme that allows them all a place to spread their wings,” he concluded.