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Brenda QuinI have been involved in The Vodacom Durban July since 2007, its has been a wonderful exciting journey, The themes have always added a fun element to Race Day and certainly kept you thinking out the box. The categories of Best Dressed Couple and Best Ladies wear plus the Avant Garde section draw me back each year.
The platform is one of the largest in Durban to create awareness for your clothing Brand,
I have taken part in Race Day fashion Competition on the day , Show Cased as an invited Designer on numerous occasions and I have also had the privilege of showcasing at many of the preselection shows.
I feel privileged that Tiffany and her team see the value in what I do . Also a huge thank you to The Vodacom Durban July for there continued support and sponsorship for this prestigious event, creating continued recognition for the fashion industry
Hanrie LuesHanrie's journey with the prestigious fashion program of the Vodacom Durban July, started back in 2005, when she was selected as a finalist in the Fashion Challenge, for this first time. This was merely the early stages of her career in the fashion industry. She was due to graduate from college later that year. Unaware that the subsequent trip down to Durban, from Bloemfontein where she was residing at that point, would be the catalyst of a series of events that would forever alter the trajectory of her career and personal life.
Five years later, Hanrie relocated to Durban permanently and started working from her flat in Glenwood. Essentially starting from scratch, in a brand new city. But the contacts and network that she had built up due to participation in five consecutive years, following that first participation in the Vodacom Durban July, had served her well. She soon moved on to show collections on national level at SA Fashion Week in JHB as well as being a household name in Durban fashion circles, due to her annual participation in The Vodacom Durban July, as well as other Durban fashion events. She has been asked to participate as an official Invited Designer for the Vodacom Durban July twice before and continues to contribute garments to each year's event either via the race day fashion program or by dressing attending celebrity clients such as DJ Zinhle.
She has since appeared in numerous local and international printed and online publications, such as Glamour, ELLE, Rooi Rose, Sarie, Fairlady Bride, Wedding Album, Wedding Inspirations, Nubian Bride, Troukoors, Mooi Troues, Southbound Bride and Aisle Society.
She also regularly appears on the Afrikaans reality TV show, My Droomtrourok, hosted by Diaan Daniels on ViaTV for DSTV.
Katekani MorekuKatekani is a 3rd year fashion student at the Durban University of Technology. "In 2017 I had my 1st encounter with the Vodacom Durban July where I was awarded 1st place in the Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award category. It was indeed a humbling experience and will forever be grateful for it, I can't wait to be a part of this beautiful tradition again and again".KatekaniMoreku
Leona PillayLooking back on my time and experience with Vodacom Durban July, It is one of my highlights in my fashion career, I was the Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award winner 2016, and the exposure of my name and brand "LORDES" was on another level. My prize was a trip to New York City, where I was blown away. The Vodacom Durban July has allowed me as a designer to explore my field, and I am forever grateful to this event. LeonaPillay
Madelain ClarkI have been involved with The Vodacom Durban July for a number of years now.
It has been a great platform for my career
It is an inspirational experience; full of excitement, creativity and celebration.
I am honoured to be a part of this amazing fashion experience
So be assured - as always- That I will be bringing my best Game!
Martin SteenkampMy journey with the Vodacom Durban July started in 2015 when I entered the Young designer award and made it through to the top 10, with a womenswear garment that was inspired by the given theme at the time “The Captains Table”. The following year I entered both the Fashion Challenge and the Young Designer Award with a womenswear garment that was inspired by the “Leader of the pack” theme at the time but did not make it through to either I then enter a menswear garment into the race day and won best menswear ensemble. Last year I participated in the Fashion Challenge and managed to scoop 2nd place. The Vodacom Durban July has always been platform that allows designers to be expressive and fashionably creative, and I am humbled to be apart of the event every year.MartinSteenkamp
Racine Lyle Meredith DennyHaving studied fashion design at the Durban University of Technology part of our third year brief is to partake in the Vodacom Durban July Young Designers award, this kick started a love for the event and all that comes with it. The Young Designers award exposes you to the behind the scenes magic that is the build up to the final Vodacom Durban July Race Day. I was fortunate enough to make top 10 in the Young Designers award competition which allowed me to partake in all of the fashion shows leading up to the final race day as well as the Gateway show. All of these experiences built to a love and respect for the event.
The next time I took part in the July was for my 4th year dissertation. I needed a way to expose the fabric I had created to the public and to gather data to gain an understanding as to weather there was a market for hand spun bespoke fabric, and what better platform than the Vodacom Durban July. I wanted to test out if I entered a dress made from the fabric I had made into the Fashion Challenge competition if it would be, firstly accepted into top 10 and from there how the audience and judges would react to the fabric. I had great media coverage and feedback and once again the Vodacom Durban July exposed me to all of the magic that goes on behind the scenes and the hype and build up of the Race Day competitions.
I have loved every minute over the past years competing in the Vodacom Durban July from my very first competition up until working on my most recent creation which is being exhibited at this Vodacom Durban July 2018.
Sadie Bosworth-SmithMy first experience of the July was as a second year Psychology student attending the event. I remember walking past the fashion shows and being so excited and wishing that I could take part. A few years later I was in first year studying fashion at DUT. I modelled for a friend of mine who entered the Young Designer competition who ended up winning it. It was then I decided that my third year goal would be to win the competition too. In 2014 I entered with the rest of my class; I loved the process of creating the outfit to theme as well as the excitement of the fashion shows and competitions. I was then elated when I won, not only because it was a competition that I found really exciting but also because of the wonderful prize of an overseas trip and a chance to see the very inspiring London Graduate Fashion Show among other things. My next encounter with the Vodacom Durban July was last year when I returned as an invited designer. It was totally thrilling to showcase with some of the designers that I had spent years looking up to and a wonderful opportunity to create a few new looks. I have loved my experience of being a part of the Vodacom Durban July and hope to continue to be a part of it. SadieBosworthSmith
Sibu MsimangI have have a very exciting history with the VDJ, the first time I entered I was in my 3rd year at Tech and was on the top 10 for the Young Designer Competition.
I have been Invited Designer as well as a judge, but the most challenging assignment was when I entered the Fashion Challenge in 2014, I had to push myself to the limit and came 1st runner up, it was very interesting because I was the one being judged.
Skye PengellySkye van Wyk is a South African born fashion designer who got her honours at Durban University of Technology in Fashion and Textile design.
In her third year at DUT in 2009, she won the Vodacom young designer award sending her on her first trip to London to attend London graduate fashion week.
This eye opening experience was truly life changing and the mentorship and support from Tiffany Prior catapulted her career in the Industry.
Skye went on to work as a buyer for a major South African retailer and gained experience in the industry for a couple of years.
Skye soon realised that there was a massive gap in the South African fashion industry. Why were all the garments in stores made in China when we had a rich mix of cultures and incredible talent in our very own country?
She had a dream and a vision to provide fair and ethical conditions for the labourers to work in producing locally made clothing.
Skye started Pengelly, a locally and ethically produced ready to wear brand.
Now in 2018, Pengelly is a growing brand, contributing to the local workforce and economy.
Skye Pengelly

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