Invited Designer – Terrence Bray

Full name: Terrence        George Clayton Bray
Place of birth:                   Durban Kwa Zulu Natal

Zodiac sign:                         Sagittarius
Hometown and suburb:   Durban Essenwood
TerrenceBrayLogo120Label:                                    Terrence Bray
Facebook:                           Terrence Bray Design
Twitter:                                terrencebray
Instagram:                          terrencebray
Pinterest:                            terrence Bray

How did a career in fashion all start for you?
TerrenceBray500With family holidays to my aunt in Johannesburg who owned a haberdashery store, I was 12

Who were your early role models in the industry?
The incredible collection of staff @ Technicon Natal, when I studied their collective knowledge is beyond comparison even today. Namely Tony Aboud, Wendy Feather Alison Mciver, Jenny Micklewood and Bev Sutherland they made me the designer I am today.

What was your proudest moment as a fashion designer?
I have been blessed with many

Describe your style in five words:
Design Style:                      Tastefully quirky with a strong point of view made for individuals.
Personal Style:                  Whatever I can wear that is a notch above overalls and wellies on a farm.

What are your current favorite fabrics and textures?
Mostly natural fibers – linen, wool, silk in woven and knits and technical fabric that we can create our own textural finishes like printing pleating, laser cutting and rebrode embellishments.

What colours and trends do you see being dominant this winter?
I find fashion saturated at the moment, with regards to trend it doesn’t inspire me anymore. I prefer looking to nature at the moment I’m feeling colours found in stone, metal and burnt wood. Green accents and shapes inspired by architecture.

More About You
Who do you turn to for inspiration?
The world around me and music

Describe your personality in five words:
Extreme, Filter less, passionate affectionate and Bi-polar

If you were a literary, TV or movie character who would you be?
Oscar Wilde with a healthy dash of Ragnar Lothbrok

How do you deal with pressure?
I lash out ( sadly at those I love most ) then I medicate and eat – a lot

It’s a day off! What do you do? Who do you surround yourself with?
I hope for cold rainy weather So I can cocoon and have an indulgent breakfast that is made for me.

Favourite meal and drink?
Food and coffee

Favourite holiday destination?
There are many NYC, Paris, Italy and the Natal Midlands in winter

Raceday fashion:
Given the theme, “The Colour of Magic”, what advice do you have for raceday fashionistas to be relevant, on-trend and make a statement?
My advice always is avoid “gimmicky costume fashion “ and keep it classy in good fabrics, that way you can experiment with shapes.

Your view on the importance of the Vodacom Durban July Fashion competitions and shows:
It is a vital part of the Durban fashion calendar and one that has launched many successful careers including my own. The VDJ nurtures creative design and is the one event all of Durban seem to make an effort for.

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