Invited Designer – Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Dutoit

Full name: Malcolm Kluk and Christiaan Gabriel Dutoit
Place of birth: Malcolm – Durban, Christiaan – Worcester
Zodiac sign: Malcolm – Pisces, Christiaan – Scorpio
Hometown and suburb: Bree st, Cape Town
Facebook: @klukcgdt
Twitter: @klukcgdt
Instagram: @klukcgdt
Pinterest: KLuK CGDT

How did a career in fashion all start for you?
MK I grew up n a textile family, Fashion was a natural progression.
CGDT Two older sisters and a mom, made it easy for me to get excited about fashion. Especially during the late eighties watching them dress and shop, made me want to dress them and or design clothes.

Kluk500Who were your early role models in the industry?
MK My mother was veru involved in the racing world, with some past July favourites. She used to have outfits made by Errol Arendz and I would accompany her. He was a great inspiration.
CGDT Was always a big fan of Thierry Mugler and Christian Lacroix – wanted to push boundaries like they did

What was your proudest moment as a fashion designer?
MK &CGDT We have won African designer of the year twice in Nigeria and once in South Africa.

Describe your style in five words:
MK &CGDT Sophisticated, irreverent, feminine, sharp, contemporary

What are your current favourite fabrics and textures?
MK &CGDT Fabric is always the starting point for anything we do, we love unusual fabrics and constantly go on “Fabric Safari”to hunt down innovation or vintage. We love Silk and Glitter seems to be our new big thing.

What colours and trends do you see being dominant this winter?
MK &CGDT We love the idea of winter white and pale tones like pink. Fashion seems to be heading in this direction. We have always loved Citrine and pink, as much as Black and Navy

More About You
Who do you turn to for inspiration?
MK & CGDT Each other

Describe your personality in five words:
MK informal, intense, enquiring, impatient, intolerable
CGDT Generous, Patient, Calm, Specific, Helpful

If you were a literary, TV or movie character who would you be?
MK & CGDT Mickey Mouse or James Bond.

How do you deal with pressure?
MK What is pressure?
CGDT Slowly

It’s a day off! What do you do? Who do you surround yourself with?
MK & CGDT Stay at home with Christiaan and Yohji our Schnauzer, watch tv and eat.

Favourite meal and drink?
MK Curry ( I’m from Durban ) and Diet Coke
CGDT topdeck chocolate and coke

Favourite holiday destination?
MK & CGDT For REAL holiday relaxing – on a Yacht in the Aegean

Raceday fashion:
Given the theme, “The Colour of Magic”, what advice do you have for raceday fashionistas to be relevant, on-trend and make a statement?
MK & CGDT the theme is a great excuse to play with colour, break out of beige or black and make bold colour choices. Combine the unusual. Maybe it is a play on colour, like a neutral coat lined in a bright colour with matching dress.
Layering colour is also good, as would ombre colour ( from dark to light ) work well

Your view on the importance of the Vodacom Durban July Fashion competitions and shows:
The competition encourages people to take chances, it gives them an incentive to break out of the mold. If we don’t take chances we will never discover new things and the world will stagnate.
Diversity and accepting change is what separates the first and third world.

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