First July
The race was first run in 1897 and was contested over 1 mile (approx 1600m) for a stake of 500 sovereigns.

The Race Distance
In 1906 the distance changed to 1 mile 68 yards (approx 1670m), in 1913 to 1 mile 1 furlong (approx 1800m), in 1915 to 1/4 miles (approx 2000m) and remained so until 1940.

In1941 the distance was changed to 1 mile 2 1/4 furlongs (approx 2100m) and it was only in 1970 that it was changed to its current distance of 2200m.

Age of the Winners
Two-year-olds – One win only – in 1911.
Three-year-olds – 35 wins but 50% of the last 20 years.
Four-year-olds – 45 wins but 45% of the last 20 years.
Five-year-olds have taken the honours 26 times.
Six-year-olds – 11 have won, the last six-year-old winner was in 1980.
Seven-year-olds have won five times

The Weight on their Back
The lightest weight of 38,5kg was carried to victory by Nymagee in 1904 and Margin in 1916.
The heaviest weight of 66kg was carried to victory by Campanajo in 1898.

Since the distance of the race changed to 2200m in 1970 few horses carrying 55kgs or more have won.
1978 Politician 57kgs
1980 Beau Art 55,5kgs
2000 El Picha 58kgs
2007 Hunting Tower 55kgs
2008 Pocket Power 58kgs
2010 Bold Silvano 55,5kgs
2011 Igugu 55kgs
2012 Pomodoro 55kgs
2013 Heavy Metal 59,5 kgs
2014 Legislate 56kgs
2016 The Conglomerate 55,5kg
2017 Marinaresco 60kg

Back-to-back Wins
Only four horses have ever won the July back-to-back.
Campanajo (1897/98)
Corriecrian (1907/1908,
Milesia Pride (1949/50) and
El Picha (1999/2000).

Dead Heat
There have only been two winning dead heats in the history of the race. The first one took place in 1967 when Jollify and Sea Cottage could not be separated as they past the post.

2008 saw the crowd favourites locked together in a driving finish for glory. History shows that the mighty Pocket Power and the exceptional filly Dancer’s Daughter crossed the finishing line as one.


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