Hospitality Experiences 2019

A variety of hospitality packages at varying prices are available from the following companies.
Please contact companies directly to ascertain availability and to place reservations.

Please check if the hospitality package includes the entrance ticket.
If this is not included you will need to purchase this separately to enter the racecourse.


Company Name Contact No.

Jacqueline Yanko

082 884 5105
ONE STOP HOSPITALITY Charlene / Chris 031 303 1444 / 076 378 6282
Ward Events
32 seater suite
Dave Ward 082 492 1995


Infield/Golf Course – North side of DLI Avenue

Company Site No Name Contact info
Afrotainment Marquee F6 Hlo 079 873 8291 – During office hours
Beluga Hospitality DC Grant Wilson 082 466 4122
Chaise Lounge DD1 Mizana 011 205 0123 / 011 805 1174
072 311 7229
EQUUS Winning Post WP Melody 021 461 5354

Jerome Naidoo

083 231 8416
082 497 9996
La Galleria Luxe Hospitality H Muzi Mathe 063 419 8980
Magic Pan F3 Office (Ashleigh)
083 286 6341
031 332 1218
Soweto VIP Marquee F4 Tebogo 073 227 4788
The Opulent Experience D Lisa Modisane 082 687 4732
The Royal Suite E Desiree Sumerun

Golf Course – South side of DLI Avenue

Company Name Contact No.
BOOMTOWN presented by HEINEKEN David Airey 083 564 9400
PEGASUS LOUNGE Russell Scott 082 804 3353
THE GLENLIVET JAZZTOWN David Airey 083 564 9400

A Monumental Feast

Catering for the massive crowd that celebrates at Greyville Racecourse in Durban on Vodacom Durban July Day is an operation of monumental proportions for Gold Circle and for the many private catering organisations in the city who help to feed the hungry and thirsty patrons who occupy the formal restaurants and those who enjoy the day in picnic sites and the massive marquee village on the golf course.

With no race meeting in the week leading up to Vodacom Durban July day, some of the preparation will be started earlier in the week, but the real operation moves into gear on the Friday before the raceday when the staff will be working well into the night.

Then it is a short break to replenish their energy and enthusiasm and its back to work in the early hours of Saturday morning when it all shifts into overdrive. The work tempo increases at this stage when the bulk of the food preparation takes place and by the time racegoers start arriving at the course the scene is very much set for another bumper feast to compliment the exciting racing on the day.