It is an express condition of this race that the Company reserves the right to exclude any horse, which, in its opinion, does not warrant inclusion in the race. In addition, the Company shall have the right to exclude any horse at Declaration Stage, and to decide on the final field for the race.
Weights shall be framed by the Handicapper in his sole discretion and without necessarily having regard for horses’ merit ratings, but subject to the following:
1. The weights to be carried shall not exceed 60kg and shall not be less than 52kg.
2. Minimum weight for 4-year-olds and older: Colts and Geldings 53kg  Fillies and Mares 52kg Maximum weight for 4-year and older at publication of weights: Colts and Geldings 60kg  Fillies and Mares 59kg
3. Minimum weight for 3-year-olds:     Colts and Geldings 53kg  Fillies 52kg Maximum weight for 3-year-olds at publication of weights: Colts and Geldings 57kg  Fillies and Mares 56kg
4. No penalties shall be incurred after the publication of weights.
5. Notwithstanding 2 and 3 above, the Handicapper will raise all weights proportionately to 60kg. Should the top weight originally allotted be less than 60kg at final declaration.

VODACOM DURBAN JULY LOGS: The Company in consultation with the Handicappers will publish a series of logs of the entries. The logs will reflect all the horses, in order of preference, as to the make up of the final field at the time of publication.
Entries, which must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of R2280 for each horse entered, close at 11:00 on Wednesday, 13 April.
First Declaration: Close 11:00 Monday, 9 May – R3 420 non refundable
First Supp. Entries: Close 11:00 Tuesday, 10 May – R12 540 non refundable
Second Declaration: Close 11:00 Monday, 30 May – R5 700 non refundable
Final Supp. Entries: Close 11:00 Monday, 13 June – R25 080 non refundable
Weights Published: Tuesday, 14 June
Final Declaration: Close 11:00 Monday, 20 June – R28 500 (Refunded if not selected to run).
Final Field and Draw: Announcement of the Final Field and Barrier Draws will take place on Tuesday, 21 June.
Final Field:
**20 horses will be carded for this event (18 Horses + 2 Reserves)** The Reserves to be scratched by 8:15 Friday 1 July. Elimination will be at the sole and unfettered discretion of the Company.

Public Gallops:
It shall be a condition of acceptance that all runners participate in public gallops scheduled for Thursday, 23 June, failing which, the horse will, in the absence of exceptional and unforseen circumstances which the Company shall in its sole discretion declare as such, be declared ineligible to run in the Vodacom Durban July. Further, the Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to allow a horse stabled out of province on the day of the gallops to work out in the province where stabled prior to 23 June provided that the workout is filmed and screened on  23 June
No sponsorship or branding of any sort other than that of raceday sponsors as agreed by the Company in terms of Racing Operators Conditions 18.2, 18.3 & 18.4 will be permitted. It shall be a condition of acceptance that all riders engaged in the Vodacom Durban July, wear sponsor’s branding on their breeches.

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