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Please find a detailed brief for The Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award 2017. This competition will draw entries from Durban and surrounding areas only, showcasing the very best young, emerging talent and conclude at South Africa’s most prestigious horseracing event, the Vodacom Durban July on 1 July 2017. All entrants must be currently studying fashion.

Unfortunately, students from other provinces may not enter this competition, but can enter The Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge which launches on 10 April, details and full brief to follow here.

Gold Circle invites you to submit work by your students for The Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award 2017. It is absolutely essential that the theme, ‘The Colour of Magic’ is followed and that your design reflects it. It is essential that you understand that this is a fashion competition. Stay away from anything that is too theatrical or Avant Garde and definitely nothing gimmicky. This brief is not necessarily about the colour red, it is about ‘magical’ fashion and design work. Judges will be looking for garments that are on trend and beautifully executed, with an emphasis on being beautifully dressed for a day at the races. Fit, quality and finish are very important. All aspects of the look, the hat, accessories, shoes and overall grooming should be considered, as it is part of the judging criteria throughout the competition.

The design is for an up market raceday, not an evening event. Please keep this in mind.

Please pass all relevant information onto students who wish to enter:

1. Each student must design a Race Day Ensemble that is stylish, fashionable and encompasses the spirit of South Africa’s most prestigious horseracing event. The work must be innovative and forward thinking, judges will be looking for a solid interpretation of the theme, which combines creativity with a distinct fashion edge. This is an essential part of the judges’ brief.
Students must present their completed work to a panel of judges on Monday, 29 May at Greyville Racecourse in the Members Lounge. There are 2 entrances, see directions below:
Entrance 1:

150 Avondale Road – Gate 8 (Limited parking inside. Alternative parking on the road)

  • Use ramp to first floor
  • Turn left onto passage
  • Continue straight past Yataghan Curry Tavern
  • Turn right then left onto joining “bridge” passage
  • Turn left past Shorthead
  • Turn right onto passage past Saddlers Arms
  • At the end of the passage turn right then left heading towards Members lounge
  • Follow arrows leading to Members Lounge
  • Venue located at the end of the passage on right.Entrance 2: Mitchell Crescent – Gate 12 (Parking on the road)
  • Enter through Paddock area
  • Continue straight
  • At the Gift Horse Shop (on your left) turn right
  • Continue straight
  • Up small flight of stairs
  • Veer left
  • Take stairway on right to first floor
  • Follow arrows to Members Lounge.

Registration starts at 13h30 and judging at 14h00. Please note that only students who present work that is very definitely theme related and designed specifically for this event, will receive 2 entry tickets (valued at R440.00) to the Vodacom Durban July, which takes place on 1 July. Please note, if you have presented your work on show, at any competition before this, you will not be eligible for raceday entry tickets. This is entirely at the discretion of the judging panel, which includes a senior Gold Circle representative. Students may be asked to verbally present their interpretation and understanding of the theme during the judging process.

2. Twenty five semi-finalists will be selected. Please note that should you be selected, you and your model must be available for the semi-final event on Monday, 12 June at Greyville. These details will be given to you on 29 May immediately after the judging.

3. Students will have to use their own models, at their own cost, for all functions pertaining to the Young Designer Award, except the final shows in Durban, the photo shoot and on Raceday, where professional models will be allocated solely at the
discretion of the producer. Models provided by students do not have to be professional and students will not be penalized in any way for not using professional models. For the semi-final judging, models must arrive dressed, if possible, as there is limited changing space available. Students and their models will be required to appear in front of a selected panel of judges and must be prepared to be photographed and interviewed for possible television and media purposes, at no cost.

4. All selected 25 semi-finalists and their models must be prepared to attend the Vodacom Durban July Gallops on Thurs, 22 June at Greyville, from 07h00 to 08h30 for media and television purposes, irrespective of whether or not you made the final top 10. Details to follow.

5. All 10 finalists will be selected on Monday, 12 June and will participate in the Young Designer Award as follows:

Young Designer Professional model casting & fitting – 13 June
Dress Rehearsal – 13 June
Show, Cheese & Wine – 13 June
Shoot, Show, Dinner – 15 June
Gallops – 22 June
Raceday – 1 July

6. The panel of judges will be carefully selected and their knowledge of fashion, the brief and theme and the event will be of prime consideration. Their decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into under any circumstances.

7. Semi-finalists must be aware of event sponsors and refer to the event by the correct name in any interview: The Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award and the race name i.e. The Vodacom Durban July. Students will be required to make themselves available for shoots for the press, television, gallops and electronic media leading up to the main event. Please note that any images taken will be used for editorial and electronic purposes only and remain the property of the event and will be used free of charge.

8. Semi finalists and finalists must be punctual for all call times and functions. Non arrival will result in immediate disqualification.

9. During the selection process and final judging, judges will be looking at a finished, complete outfit and will look closely at the following:

* Visual impact, design integrity, originality
* Is it fashionable and in line with current trend
* Suitability to the event and theme – it’s a raceday not a cocktail function!
* Interpretation of the brief – this is very important and should be thoughtful
* Fit / finish / quality
* Attention to detail

10. Students who are selected for the semi-finals may not change their garments in any way leading up to the semi-final event and the same applies for the finals if selected as a finalist.

11. Students may not work in pairs or groups.

12. Students may only enter through their college or university.

13. The organizers and sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any semi-finalist or finalist, should they not strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the event or speak disparagingly about the event, sponsors or organisers.

14. Please note that The Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award is only open to students studying clothing and fashion design full time in Durban and surrounding areas. Students in Durban may not enter The Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge, only B-Tech and out of province students may enter The Vodacom Durban July Fashion Challenge. The Fashion Challenge brief will be available on the website from 10 April. Please note that all and any students may enter any on-track competition on raceday.

15. The organizers and sponsors reserve the right to make any changes that may be necessary and in the interest of the event and cannot be held responsible for any changes that sponsors decide upon. Any change will be communicated through your college and this official website only.

16. Detailed info for this year’s event will be posted onto this website shortly.

17. Prizes:
Each of the 10 finalists will receive R2000.00 in cash, compliments of Gold Circle.
The winner will receive R10 000.00 in cash compliments of Gold Circle.
Other fabulous prizes are still under negotiation.

18. By entering this competition, students give the organisers, owners and sponsors of the Vodacom Durban July permission to use any image taken of their work or themselves, before, during and after the event, in editorial, advertorial and social media content free of charge.

Please do not hesitate to email me on, with any questions.

Download the Registration/Entry Form here

Yours sincerely
Tiffany Prior
(Fashion Director / Producer)



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