Ace fashion tips for the Vodacom Durban July’s wildcard weather

KathrinKidger900Although Durban has been dealt a hand of wildcard weather this weekend, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom on the Vodacom Durban July fashion field; from your head to your toes, there’s plenty of clever and creative ways to be decked out in a stylish and weather appropriate raceday ensemble.

With a cold front sweeping across the country on Friday evening, leaving behind strong winds forecast for Saturday, fashionistas are planning their raceday outfits to deal with the wintery conditions.

Invited Designer Kathrin Kidger understands though that style doesn’t have to fly out the window when dressing practically.

“With wind and rain predicted I think it is best to opt for hairstyles that are neat and not subject to weather ruining them; neat ladylike buns and chignons will be the best call for the day,” says Kidger.

When it comes to outerwear, Invited Designer Zama Mathe, the force behind the label Zarth, says that faux fur is one of the biggest trends for Fall and Winter for 2016 and 2017 and an easily affordable and available option for racegoers looking to layer up.

“Gone are the days when fur meant either the real thing (expensive and cruel) or synthetic furs that looked like road kill,” said Mathe. “Faux fur in 2016 looks and feels like the real thing and it’s luxurious whether it’s as a stole or a full-length coat.

Zama900Either plain or printed or in the natural colours of nude, black or white, plum, amethyst or even yellow; fur is all the rage.

“Pair this up with leather vintage golf gloves or old Hollywood long vintage velvet gloves that go all the way to the elbow,” she added.

Kidger explains another smart option for clever dressing is by layering on the legs.

“If you were planning on a short number, don it with a jacket and stockings. Stockings are even a better idea if you are wearing a long number as few will see it and there are sheer options in the marketplace that will maintain the overall look whilst offering legs a little warmth.”

Kidger also warns against impractical footwear for women, particularly if underfoot conditions are soft.

“Shoes will need to be partially closed, for comfort. If you are in a tent that may not have a floor it is best to consider a wedge heel so as not to sink into the damp ground underfoot.”

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