Get the inside track on menswear fashion

Men looking to be on-trend, theme appropriate and still stylishly cool at this year’s Vodacom Durban July should take a feather out of the hats of Invited Designer Shaldon Kopman and Durban proud Laurie Holmes from Holmes Brothers Clothing.

For the trendsetting Invited Designer, Shaldon Kopman of Naked Ape, comfort is a key outfit essential to remember when dressing to impress on raceday.

KopmanMensWear900Kopman says the current trend in menswear is very smart race goers should watch out for the international trend of bespoke tailoring.

“Being individual is the best trend out there,” says Kopman. For accessories he suggests men look to fine cufflinks, a bangle and a statement neckpiece or pendant are great options as fashion additions that speak directly to your personality.

“The ‘Leader of the Pack’ theme isn’t difficult to interpret as you don’t have to take it literally, it’s all about making a statement,” says Kopman. “In doing so, please remember to be comfortable as it’s a long day and you want to have a fantastic time looking fabulous and feeling just as fabulous.”

Laurie Holmes from the quirky urban brand, Holmes Brothers Clothing, says there are many ways to follow current menswear trends when putting together your raceday ensemble.

“Although South Africans seem to be stuck in the skinny pants trend trousers are finally getting a more relaxed feel to them. We’re seeing a few pleats in the trousers again as well as fitted trousers that are capered at the bottom.”

“In terms of colours the trends are still muted with colours like black, navy, indigo and the many tones of greys featuring with old school checks and tweeds still quite popular for on-trend fabrics, especially on the tailoring side,” says Holmes.

He believes that men can really get creative with their accessories too. “There’s nothing cooler than a super funky pair of socks or an edgy wallet chain. In terms of eyewear, investing in a great pair of sunglasses is a good idea for so many reasons. And a great leather belt never goes out of fashion.”

For dressing to this years theme, ‘Leader of the Pack’, old English tailoring comes to mind for the Holmes Brothers.

“Think vintage English flat caps, checks and tweeds. And interestingly enough, cricket jerseys,” says Holmes. “Although the key to pulling off this outfit is to not be heading to a cricket game!”

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