Top designers advice : “Play your fashion cards right at the Vodacom Durban July”

2016IDKidgerBy following the expert advice of this year’s Invited Designers racegoers can be the leader of the fashion pack at the Vodacom Durban July at Greyville Racecourse on Saturday 2 July.

“If racegoers want to best interpret the theme it’s important to remember that the event calls for race day attire. This is usually polished and sophisticated,” explains the glamorous Durban Invited Designer Kathrin Kidger on the building blocks of any good outfit.

A household name in fashion Kidger explains how the card-inspired theme requires racegoers to think laterally, rather than literally.

“Take the entire look into consideration and if you’re looking to make a statement maybe look at the more glamorous sub themes within the theme like Casino Royale inspired looks.”

Kidger also suggests incorporating current trends into the raceday theme inspired by a deck of playing cards and hints at the geometric edgy prints that are currently receiving airplay on catwalks around the world.

2016IDShaldonJohannesburg Invited Designer Shaldon Kopman, the creative force behind the label Naked Ape, reminds those attending Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event that it is important for fashion to be functional on raceday.

“It’s all about making a statement, please remember to be comfortable. It’s a long day and you want to have a fantastic time looking fabulous and feeling just as fabulous.”

The highly acclaimed menswear designer an2016IDPaledid fashion icon knows a thing or two about standing out with effortless style and advises, “Trying too hard is not a leader of any pack. Be creative and original, a ‘Leader of the Pack’ will set the trend and not follow it.”

Red, white and black may be the colours associated with a typical pack of playing cards but creative entrepreneur and Johannesburg Invited Designer Paledi Segapo forecasts that this winter the colour palette has broadened substantially.

“The brighter the colours, the better for this season,” says the man behind the brand Palse. “We’re done with greys, browns and colours traditionally associated with old winter.”

The 2015 African Designer of the year suggests that those looking to dress to impress on race day, “Go bold, don’t be apologetic for pushing the envelope and draw inference from what’s unfolding on runways in order to be a leader of the pack.”

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